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Tackling Pain, Inflammation & Stress

We hear the word "inflammation" all the time in conjunction with pain, injury and ill-health. Why? Because as we're sure you already know, it's the root cause of bodily aches, pains, ageing and disease.

How to fight inflammation

Here at Bracknell & Ascot Massage Therapy our primary goal is to get you out of pain and fully functional as soon as possible.

We believe that the best approach to achieving this is to tackle the root cause of your pain, inflammation and stress, with a holistic approach.

There are tons of inflammatory triggers, but one thing we know for certain is that in the western world we tend to eat pro-inflammatory foods and lead pro-inflammatory lives.

Young woman with shoulder and back pain

So it makes sense to focus on reducing and managing this toxic load on our bodies, to help speed up the healing process.

Effective and safe massage is a great way to restore musculo-skeletal tissue to its healthy state and support improved bodily function.

But better results come from embracing health, nutrition and wellness as a whole. So holistically treating your body on the inside and out will have a bigger impact.

Benefits can include:

  • freeing yourself from pain quicker
  • shortening your recovery time post-injury and post-exercise
  • reducing stress levels and inflammation in your tissues
  • promoting and maintaining a strong, healthy supple body that performs at its best
  • improvements in your overall health & well-being

Pain & Stress Management

Whatever level of pain you're experiencing, or stage you're at on your road to recovery, we seek to understand why and what is causing the pain and stress that you’re suffering.

Perpetuating factors of bodily inflammation, stress, aches and pain fall primarily into 3 categories:

1)      Behavioural (e.g. posture)

2)      Mechanical (e.g. poorly fitting shoes)

3)      Biochemical (e.g. nutrition insufficiency, physiological imbalances, infection..)

You may be experiencing just one of the above, or a combination of issues could be at play. Any condition or stressor that causes a musculoskeletal disorder to remain or return can keep triggering pain and stress on the body.

The key to functioning better with as minimal a symptom load as possible is to identify the perpetuating factors and take steps to ultimately heal or manage them as thoroughly as possible.

Frequently, one factor will initiate or aggravate the inflammation, stress and pain syndrome and another will perpetuate it. For instance, a fall or sporting injury could activate it, and a repetitive action at work could perpetuate it.

If you suspect that your pain and stress are connected in some way to a nutritional inadequacy, or a health condition I recommend checking out Nicola's Nutrition, Wellness & Functional Medicine site

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