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Onsite Corporate Massage

Onsite Corporate Massage (15, 20 or 30 minutes)

Our onsite corporate massage is an immediate stress buster, working to relieve tired aching muscles in the short term and due to its ability to relieve stress, maintaining overall health in the long term.

It's beneficial in the relief of many complaints - anxiety, asthma, backache, digestive problems, eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, irritability, menstrual pain, migraines, RSI (repetitive strain injury), sinus problems and toothache.

Based on the techniques of Shiatsu and Anma, traditional Japanese bodywork systems, it incorporates over 60 specific stress release acupressure points on the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands to leave you feeling relaxed and calm as well as energised, refreshed and alert.

Our onsite corporate massage does NOT use needles. Instead, our therapist uses their hands to stimulate the energy points on your body.

Received fully clothed in a ergonomically designed massage chair, it can be given anywhere from the office to shopping centres, exhibitions and parties.

For employers looking to promote employee wellbeing, this is the ideal treatment to perform in a working environment. To find out more about our corporate nutrition and wellness coaching service, click here. We look forward to supporting you in your quest to care for your employees.

"Nicola came to us for a corporate wellness day and provided head, neck and back massages for our hardworking developers. The feedback was extremely positive. Nicola was polite and professional and fitted around our working schedule. We hope to engage your services again in the future."

Justine, Fiserv Inc

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