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100% committed to your health & wellbeing

100% committed to your health & wellbeing

100% committed to your health & wellbeing

Anti-Inflammatory Programmes

We hear the word “inflammation” all the time in conjunction with pain, injury and ill-health. Why? Because as we’re sure you already know, it’s the root cause of bodily aches, pains, ageing and disease.

How to fight inflammation

Young woman with shoulder and back pain

Here at Bracknell & Ascot Massage Therapy our primary goal is to get you out of pain and fully functional fast.

We believe that the best approach to achieving this is to tackle the root cause – inflammation, with a three-pronged approach. This involves massage, food and optimal nutrition.

There are tons of inflammatory triggers, but one thing we know for certain is that in the western world we tend to eat pro-inflammatory foods and lead pro-inflammatory lives.

So it makes sense to focus on reducing and managing this toxic load on our bodies, to help speed up the healing process.

Effective massage is a great way to restore musculo-skeletal tissue to its healthy state and support improved bodily function.

But better results come from combining it with an anti-inflammatory diet and a proper supplementation programme.

Holistically treating your body on the inside and out will make a huge difference. You can expect to:

  • be free from pain quicker
  • shorten your recovery time post-injury and post-exercise
  • reduce stress levels and inflammation in your tissues
  • promote and maintain strong, healthy supple bodies that perform at their ultimate best
  • see improvements in your general health & well-being

Anti-inflammatory Programmes 

Whatever level of pain you’re experiencing, or stage you’re at on your road to recovery, ask about our 30 Day Anti-Inflammatory Programme.

It’s called Vibrant Body! And it’s designed to improve your health and fitness as well as reduce your physical discomfort, so that you can stay pain-free and vibrant every day.

Excess body fat also contributes to inflammation. As your pain lessens it’s important to take steps to lose weight in a safe and healthy way. Our scientifically-proven, Slim Down Plan will help you do just that.

Contact our Nutrition Expert, Nicola to discover how our Vibrant Body or Slim Down Programmes, in conjunction with your massage treatments can help you get the lasting, healthy results you want fast.